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A truck lift is an installation of spacers between the vehicle's chassis and body to raise its ride height. This is a popular way to put larger tires on your truck. This is often used to swap out an even larger engine. You can either do your own truck lift from parts or purchase truck lifts kits from a manufacturer. 


A truck lift kit is an aftermarket product that includes the necessary parts to lift a particular model of vehicle. It usually comes with instructions and customer service. Some truck lift kits might only have the most critical parts or are difficult to find. Others may require generic hardware or parts to complete the truck lift.


Truck lifts that are properly installed will be easily visible and stunning; while truck lifts done from home can often look a bit jumbled to say the least. The complete truck lifts kits come with brackets that align the bumpers to match the body. Gap guards can also be purchased to protect the frame. They may include extensions for the steering shaft and fuel filler necks, depending on which vehicle model they are.


A suspension truck lift is an addition to a standard truck lift which raises the ride height. This is done to improve the off-road performance of SUVs, trucks and other off road vehicles or cosmetic reasons. Suspension truck lifts allow for steeper approaches, departures, and break-over angles. 


They also offer greater ground clearance and can accommodate larger wheels and tires. The raised center of gravity can reduce maximum safe operating angles and make roadholding more difficult. A number of high-performance vehicles also have suspension truck lifts. This is due to the aerodynamic effect known as downforce. 


These vehicles activate the suspension truck lift when they travel over bumps or ramps. This is to prevent damage to the front underbody. The suspension truck lift is not activated on roads with no bumps or ramps.


Truck lifts may only require a handful of parts. These include the truck lift blocks and the spacers between the axles. For larger truck lifts; you will need to replace control arms, trailing arms and custom four-link systems as well as drive shafts. 


These modifications may be required because raising the vehicle's ride height could impact drive shaft length, steering geometry and brake lines. Suspension truck lifts can be illegal because of the different laws in each jurisdiction regarding vehicle ride height, bumper placement and lights.


Leaf spring suspensions are used to support many trucks. Leaf spring suspensions can withstand a lot of abuse and offer great articulation. They can be modified with the right methods to make a vehicle lighter, more articulated, or fit larger tires. Some vehicles can be equipped with both front and rear leaf-springs, while others may have only rear leaf-springs.


While some methods of truck lifts work well for the rear, they are not good for the front. For example, you can use lift blocks. To achieve the desired height, it is common to lift the rear using blocks. Installing a block of the desired truck lift between the leaf spring, leaf spring perch, and longer U-bolts is how you do it. This is dangerous for the front because it can cause safety problems when braking. 


The front wheels create most of the braking force when braking. This lateral force is caused by brakes, and the block moves it higher above the axle in this form than it did in its stock form. This can result in the block being displaced from its original location, and a loss of total control.


An add-a-leaf is a more common way to increase the leaf springs. You insert an additional leaf into your vehicle's leaf-pack. The “add-a-leaf” increases the vehicle's height but can make the suspension ride more difficult due to the higher spring rate. 


If you have the budget to purchase new leaf springs, it is possible to do a truck lift with them. The integrity of the springs is what will determine whether you can add-a-leaf or not? The old springs may have become worn, and the new 2 inch leaves might only have lifted 1.5 inches. The new leaf spring pack won't be tired and will provide the desired lift. These packs are available in different truck lift levels and can be combined to create the perfect setup.


A Tail truck lift, which is also known as a "liftgate" or "lift truck" is a permanent mechanical device that is mounted on the rear end of a work truck or van, etc. It is used to facilitate materials handling from ground level, a loading dock, to the vehicle's bed or vice versa.


Most Tail truck lifts are either hydraulic or pneumatic, but they can also be operated mechanically by an operator using an electrical relay switch. A Tail truck lift can eliminate the need to use heavy machinery like a forklift truck or crane to load heavy items in a vehicle. A Tail truck lift can bridge the height gap between the loading dock and the vehicle's load bed.


Tail truck lifts can be categorized according to their design type. There are several types of Tail lift designs. Parallel Arm truck lifts have lower lifting capacities and are often installed on pickup trucks or service trucks. Parallel "arms" attach to the lifting platform on both sides and direct the platform away from the liftgate mainframe. Parallel Arms can have either two hydraulic cylinders that apply force directly to the truck lifting platform, or one hydraulic cylinder that uses some type of cable-pulley system.


Although they are similar to Column truck lifts, Railgate truck lifts have lower lifting capacities. Railgate truck lifts are named after the “outrails," which attach directly to the vehicle and act as guides for the liftgate platform. Railgate platforms are more spacious than parallel arm truck lifts. They can be fixed at a 90* angle to the outrails and lifted vertically.


Column truck lifts are "beefier versions" of Railgates and have the greatest lifting capacity of any hydraulic truck lift. Column truck lifts are similar to Railgate truck lifts and feature "tracks" which attach directly to the vehicle's body. A folding platform that extends vertically from the tracks can be lifted completely by means of the tracks.


The advantage of Column truck lifts is that they can lift higher than the load bed. Also known as "above-bed travel", these truck lifts are ideal for vehicles with lower bed heights than standard dock height. Some of the disadvantages to Column truck lifts are that they can only operate at 90* from the track. This means that on uneven surfaces the truck lift may not be able to meet the ground.


The Cantilever truck lift works by attaching arms to the vehicle's chassis. These arms can be moved around on hinges to adjust their angle during expansion or contraction. The working platform can be tilted, raised or lowered by using the rams. Cantilever truck lifts can tilt which gives them the ability to form ramps which may prove more suitable for certain applications. This makes it easier to load and unload on uneven terrain.


Tuck-under truck lifts allow the lifting platform to be folded and stored under the vehicle's load bed. This allows for the possibility of the platform not being used at loading docks and gives operators access and egress without having to operate the truck lift. The most common tuck-under designs come in either single-cylinder or dual-cylinder configurations, which can support higher truck lifting capacities.


Slider truck lifts are similar to tuck-unders in that they fold and store directly under the vehicle's bed. Slider designs have lifting platforms that "slide out" from beneath the vehicle bed, instead of folding and unfolding. Slider lifts have the greatest lifting capacity of any hydraulic truck  lift.


A hydraulic truck lift installed behind a vehicle that can be used to load or unload cargo mechanically is called a liftgate. The automatic rear door of a vehicle that is equipped with a truck lift gate, such as a minivan, van or crossover SUV, is commonly referred to in the automotive industry. This opening system is sometimes called a "rear door".


T3 Speed Shop is your best source for suspension and truck lifts kits. Get the extra ground clearance that you need to fit the largest and most dangerous tires and wheels. No matter if you are a novice or an experienced professional, our technicians can help. We will review all options and help you choose the right truck lift kit for you. We carry the best brands in our inventory. We have years of experience with suspension service and truck lifts kit installations for Salt Lake City.


Salt Lake City, UT residents might choose to customize their cars with suspension truck lift kits. There are many reasons; whatever your reasons are…T3 Speed Shop is here to help you. We provide quality truck lift kits for Salt Lake City, UT. We are proud to serve our local customers. T3 Speed Shop is your top choice for truck lift kits, auto repair services, and diesel maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a consultation.


Truck lift kits are a very popular modification these days. They can improve off-road performance and give you a taller truck. There are many types of truck lifts, but there is one thing that all of them have in common; which is T3 Speed Shop. Our certified mechanics can install truck lifts on any make and model, as well as any other truck lift modifications you might need.


There are many options for truck lifts. It all depends on what you need or want. Our truck suspension leveling kit elevates the front-end to the same level as the rear. A slight truck lift as little as two inches can increase the clearance for larger tires and provide extra ground clearance for off-roading. You can also get more aggressive kits that will raise your truck 4 to 8 inches or more depending on what you want.


Truck lifts with a pinion angle of more than 2 inches require a longer suspension component, a stronger steering damper, and pinion angle adjustment. We can build any truck  lift you need. No matter what your needs are, T3 Speed Shop can help. Our complete suspension services include the installation of off-road and race suspension components, steering stabilizers to improve control, as well as longer brake lines to increase suspension travel.


Do you need an alignment for your lifted truck? T3 Speed Shop can also do this. T3 Speed Shop can install all types of truck lift kits, including Rugged Off Road, Rough Country and Eibach. Based on your needs, budget and vehicle; we will find the right truck lift kit for you. Give us a call today and discover all of the many truck lift upgrades available to you.



Are you willing to travel off-road to areas that require more ground clearance? Are you a fan of taking your vehicle off-road? Do you enjoy off-roading in rugged, muddy and mountainous terrains? Do you want to increase the ride quality and rugged appearance of your SUV, truck, or Jeep? Then a suspension truck lift kit could be right for you.


A truck lifts kit is designed to help you with more ground clearance to enable the installation of larger tires and wheels. Provide greater safety and security when driving off-road. As well as increase the ride quality of your vehicle.


For off-road drivers who want more ground clearance, larger tires, and better performance, suspension truck lift kits are the best choice. Your truck, SUV or Jeep will look more aggressive with suspension truck lifts kits. To increase ground clearance and performance, truck lift kits include shocks, springs and coils as well as other components of suspension kits. It is important to remember that suspension truck lift kits can alter the vehicle's steering geometry. You may need to calibrate your suspension kit during installation.


A body truck lift kit is another option if you prefer the look of a lifted vehicle or wish to change to larger tires without having your suspension modified. The truck lift kit raises the truck, SUV or Jeep frame. These kits are a cost-effective way to modify your vehicle without having to change the suspension or steering geometry.   


Modifying your truck can bring you many benefits, no matter what type of leveling or truck lift kit you choose. Modifying your truck will not only add style to your truck, improve your driving ability, and maximize your truck's performance, but it can also help protect your vehicle against potential undercarriage and body damage.


An adjustable leveling kit can help to even out the truck's stance, particularly if there is uneven weight distribution. If your truck has a winch or plow on its front, it can cause your suspension to droop. You can restore your truck's proper height with a leveling kit.


A truck lift kit protects low bumpers and the exhaust. It also protects running boards from debris, rocks, or rough roads. When you travel off-road, truck lifts kits can help protect your vehicle from rocks and debris. You can ride in style regardless of whether you are riding through rocks, mud or deep snow. Let our experienced and knowledgeable technicians assist you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the right truck lifts for you.


Modifying your vehicle can bring you many benefits, no matter if you use a leveling or truck lifts kit. You can add style to your vehicle, improve your driving ability and optimize its performance. Additionally, you can protect your vehicle against potential undercarriage and body damage.


T3 Speed Shop offers a variety of Truck Lifts in Salt Lake City…


Lifted Spring Suspension Kits

Shackle Suspension Truck Lift Kits

Shackle Reverse Truck Lift Kits

Coil Suspension Truck Lift Kits

Leveling Kit Additions

Strut Extensions

Torsion Keys

Coil Spacers

Rear-end Leveling Kit


Give us a call or email us with any questions regarding pricing and information on all truck lifts and off-road accessory installations in SLC, Utah. Our customers are always welcome to visit our facility for a meet and greet walk-through We are excited and ready to shake your hand and help you create the truck lift of your dreams!

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