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T3 Speed Shop is Utah’s best truck top and accessory store. The family-friendly business has many years of experience put together between all of the team members. You can be sure of the best service in Utah with our years of precision experience in trucking and accessories. We have won numerous awards and are highly respected for our truck top customer satisfaction.


T3 Speed Shop was established in 2021 and has provided Utah with Leer Truck Caps, as well as many other accessories for trucks since then. T3 Speed Shop supplies products to utilities, public safety agencies, construction, and the auto industry amid COVID-19 concerns. These services are explicitly allowed as essential business and/or infrastructure. We will do our best to maintain regular operation hours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


We have a small team of T3 Speed Shop employees at our premises. We continue to fulfill orders and install accessories quickly. We have increased the working distance between customers and employees, and adopted new sanitation and health practices. If you need it, our waiting room is always open.


Pickup truck owners have the perfect solution to transport and secure their cargo with LEER fiberglass truck caps. The LEER toppers are custom-made to fit almost every pickup truck today.

In 1965 the introduction of a truck cap topper for the Datsun Mini Truck was invented. This was a first in the industry. High quality, reliable products continue to set the standard for Truck Caps & Tonneau Covers. Our customers will continue to purchase SnugTops for their trucks.         


T3 Speed Shop is Utah's number one truck shell and Tonneau manufacturer. Get your Custom T3 Speed Shop truck top covers now. Every truck top is made specifically to your specifications to ensure the best fit and color match. To outfit your truck with one of the many models of truck top shells or truck Tonneau covers; give us a call today!


There are many models available from T3 Speed Shop. T3 Speed Shop continues to innovate and improve the sales/installation process of a truck top. T3 Speed Shop now offers models where the rear glass can be shaped to match the tailgate. Some models have side windows that can be installed with urethane.


Salt Lake City, UT truck top shells are worth the investment, especially if they come from a reliable supplier like T3 Speed Shop. You might want your camping truck top storage area to be large enough for you to sleep in. Perhaps you want your truck top weatherproof so it can withstand the elements. You might also want to keep your truck top safe from snow so it doesn't have to be shoveled every day.


We have the right truck top solution for you no matter your reason. T3 Speed Shop offers a wide range of truck top shells and Tonneau truck top covers in Utah. There are many styles and colors to choose from, including fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic.


T3 Speed Shop's showroom is lined in truck top covers by industry-leading brands. Stop by our showroom and we'll be happy to show you all the options available to you. All truck top products are available through us as an authorized truck top / Tonneau cover dealer.  All of our truck top products are guaranteed and can be customized to fit your vehicle. We have a wide selection of truck top covers to suit your individual needs.


You might consider giving your truck aftermarket truck top upgrades in order to increase its value. You might also want to modify your vehicle for more fun on the weekends or in all-terrain environments. Maybe you just want your truck to reflect your personal style. No matter the reason, T3 Speed Shop has the truck top accessories you need in Salt Lake City.


A truck top can be molded and painted to match your truck's shape and color. A well installed truck top is sure to enhance functionality and style. A flat truck top covering, whether roll-up or retractable will keep the truck bed clean, presentable and protected from the elements.


If you want your truck to stand tall, our sturdy nerf bar truck top provides a step at each door into the cabin and truck bed. Running boards are similar to nerf bars. They provide a step up to your truck cabin but run the length of the entire board.


T3 Speed Shop’s technicians will make sure that your truck top accessories are installed properly. We offer installation services on all of the products we sell. We want you to be happy and fully equipped when you leave our diesel mechanic truck top shop. We exclusively offer high-quality, affordable truck top accessories and installation in Salt Lake City.


We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns about truck top accessories. We will do our very best to help you find the right truck top at the best price. Give us a call to customize and modify your truck top today.

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